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Home Improvements That Pay Off

The fact is that the home market is still not what it once was. As a result, you need to make every effort possible to make your home stand out and get noticed when you are trying to sell. There are certain upgrades and renovations that you can do that will really pay off.

1. Painting
Painting offers dramatic results with only a small investment. While you may choose to hire a professional, this is one job that you can tackle yourself and save thousands of dollars. Additionally, you can add paint to both the exterior and interior of a home to create a whole new look.

2. Adding a Deck
A deck is more than just the perfect place to have a cookout and spend a summer day. They also offer an impressive return on investment. A homeowner who spends about $10,000 on the construction of a deck can expect to recoup about 85 percent of these costs. Additionally, a well-constructed deck will increase the selling price of a home.

3. Update the Kitchen
There is really no way to go wrong when you update your kitchen. In fact, a remodel with updated appliances and new ddcor can provide you with up to 83 percent of the cost back. However, if you own a small home, this is not an investment that you should make if your intention is to recoup your funds, as it will never be close to the money you must spend.

4. Replace the Windows
Old windows are a source of energy loss and a potential eyesore on both the interior and exterior of your home. Consider replacing the windows in your home with energy-efficient versions and you will likely recoup the entire cost of the installation in energy savings alone.

5. Modify Your Bathroom
A bathroom upgrade should include new fixtures and countertops and can provide a 68 to 78 percent return. You should try to avoid anything that is considered too trendy and look for features that will appeal to potential buyers who like both contemporary and traditional ddcor. Even simply touching up the existing interior of your bathroom can provide significant returns if you currently don`t have the funds to complete a full remodel.

6. Enhancing Your Curb Appeal
The very first thing that a person will see when they visit your home is your landscaping. Your curb appeal can set the whole tone for your home. In fact, if you are trying to sell your home, a poorly unkempt yard may turn away potential buyers. Consider adding trees, perennials and other plants that will return year after year. Keep the yard free of any sticks or branches that are lying around or broken fences and decks, as this can be a huge turn off.

These updates to your home will not only pay off but might help you fetch a better price on your home if you are considering moving. If you want more update ideas, consider consulting with Forrest Finishing, where you can get the latest ideas for updating your home.

Source: Forrest Finishing

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